Artices on project CAITO in Japan

Project CAITO are reaching the wider public in Japan via several media posts and articles.

Web magazine “IDEAS FOR GOOD” with 35 000 readers per month has published three articles:

1. Introduction of Estonian cosmetic item “TILK” ( 17 of July, 2018).
See here:

2. Free public transportation system in Estonia ( 24 July, 2018). The idea of free public transportation and reaction of local people, especially concern of influence to bus local network from Tallinn.
See here:

3. Valguma Passaule bear food walking in Latva (2 of August,2018). Experience of walking walking program and sustainable tourism with nature protection was emphasized. See here:

Lifestyle magazine In the life Vol.9 (circulation 50,000 copies) on the 28 December, 2018, published article “The reason to travel, Feeling other culture in Estonia and Latvia”. The article starts with introduction each capital city (Tallinn and Riga) and describes smoke sauna at Laugh tourism farm, introduces local markets and foods, parade of song & dance festival in Riga, Valguma Pasaule and restorants.

Seasonal healthy & beauty magazine Kiitos vol.11 ( with circulation by 35,000 copies published on 25 of December,2018) published article under the theme of “Welcome to Baltic states, Estonia and Latvia”. The contents are – general introduction of Estonia and Latvia, introduction of Laugh tourism farm, souvenir shop in Saaremaa island, introduction of Valguma Passable,  Dzirnupes farm, Zilver wine farm and song & dance festival.  

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