Project CAITO team presents the “Handbook for Providing Rural Tourism Services to Japanese Tourists”.

This handbook aims to increase the capability of rural tourism companies to enter the Japanese tourism market and includes knowledge gathered from surveys of Japanese visitors, tourism agencies and travel intermediaries and analysis of Japanese tourists’ expectations and interests compared with the products and services offered by rural tourism enterprises. Following customer journey decision-makers’ interviews and forums, transport gaps were identified and potential solutions proposed. There is also the possibility to replace sectorial thinking with holistic or system thinking and actions, which could be seen as the basis for innovations. 

The content of Handook includes:

  1. The potential of rural tourism in Finland, Estonia and Latvia
  2. Japan as a target market for rural tourism service providers
  3. Marketing of rural tourism products to Japanese customers
  4. Defining problems, listing of gaps in customer journey in Finland, Estonia, Latvia
  5. The checklists
  6. Useful forms for digital marketing planning.

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