Project CAITO in Japanese media

Herewith our Japanese colleagues share with us media coverages by participants of CAITO press trip during 28.08.-03.09.2017 in Latvia, Estonia and Finland

・6 pages articles in fashion&lifestyle paper magazine “Linier” about Finland (texts and illustrations: Ms. Mariko Hirasawa, photos: Ms. Yumiko Miyahama)
Page1 Page2  Page3Page4 Page5 Page6

・The list of articles in blog of ayan (Ms. Kozue Koide)

・The list of articles in blog of UKOARA (Ms. Yuko Arakawa)

・The article on Fiskars and restaurant Kuparipaja in website GOTRIP! (Ms. Kozue Koide)

・Many articles – travel plan and spots introduction in website TripPlanner (Ms. Miki Noguchi):
“Mushroom picking in Latvia and Finland”…/p…/0f90e2b8cba5c9c20522b8cef3fef07e

“Sights in South Finland”

“Sightseeing plan of Hanko with nostalgic scenery”

“Sightseeing course in Pärnu”

“Around Cesis and Gauja National Park”

“Nostalgic walk in Tammisaari”

“Finnish pretty design village – sightseeing course in Fiskars”

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