04.12.2018 Training work-shop “Digital Service Design Business” in Lohja, Finland

29.11.2018 Training work-shop “360 photographing in PR” in Lohja, Finland

14.11-15.11.2018 Participation at CB Annual Event, Turku, Finland

12.11.2018 Training work-shop “Content Marketing. Storytelling” in Lohja, Finland

24.10.2018 Tourism SMEs training in Päivakumpu, Finland

22.10-23.10.2018 Partner meeting in Päivakumpu, Finland

23.10.2018 Mentors’ training in Päivakumpu, Finland

29.05.2018 Training work-shop ”SEO & SEM workshop”, Lohja, Finland.

28.03-29.03.2018 Partner meeting in Tallin, Viking Village, Estonia

26.03.2018 Training seminar “How to build up proper tourism products for Japanese market“, Riga, Latvia

27.03.2018 Workshop “Marketing activities – 2018 for Japanese tourists”, Riga, Latvia

22.03.2018 Seminar for SMEs’ in Latvia “Rural Tourism product for Japanese market”

14.12.2017 Seminar “Jaapani turisti kultuurilised erinevused ja turismiturg”(Cultural differences of Japanese tourism market and tourists). Presentations are uploaded here :

14.11.2017 Seminar “Rural Tourism marketing Activities in Japanese Market (in Latvian)


12.09-13.09.2017 Partner meeting in Riga


28.08.-03.09.2017  Media trip for Japanese tourism operators in  the Baltic sea region: FINLAND, ESTONIA, LATVIA