Project CAITO in Japanese media

Herewith our Japanese colleagues share with us media coverages by participants of CAITO press trip during 28.08.-03.09.2017 in Latvia, Estonia and Finland

・6 pages articles in fashion&lifestyle paper magazine “Linier” about Finland (texts and illustrations: Ms. Mariko Hirasawa, photos: Ms. Yumiko Miyahama)
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・The list of articles in blog of ayan (Ms. Kozue Koide)

・The list of articles in blog of UKOARA (Ms. Yuko Arakawa)

・The article on Fiskars and restaurant Kuparipaja in website GOTRIP! (Ms. Kozue Koide)

・Many articles – travel plan and spots introduction in website TripPlanner (Ms. Miki Noguchi):
“Mushroom picking in Latvia and Finland”…/p…/0f90e2b8cba5c9c20522b8cef3fef07e

“Sights in South Finland”

“Sightseeing plan of Hanko with nostalgic scenery”

“Sightseeing course in Pärnu”

“Around Cesis and Gauja National Park”

“Nostalgic walk in Tammisaari”

“Finnish pretty design village – sightseeing course in Fiskars”

“Go Rural” – Practical Guide for travellers visiting south coast Finland, Estonia. Latvia

Welcome to Finland, Estonia and Latvia – three neighbouring countries in the North of Europe and Scandinavia, on the shores of the Baltic Sea. This brochure will help independent travellers plan a holiday trip in the South of Finland, Estonia and Latvia beyond traditional touristic routes and to discover the real countryside.

Finns, Estonians and Latvians share similarities in mentality and way of life, but each country is still proud of its unique identity. All three countries are safe and easy to travel around – there is a good road and transport network, and there are many guest houses and country hotels, even in remote country areas, to welcome guests.

In this brochure, you will find the key information that is necessary to plan a trip – a map of the Baltic Sea countries with airports and sea ports marked, names and contacts of airlines, ferry and bus companies and car hire, and suggestions for holiday themes in the countryside. Besides, we have provided a number of web links to useful sources of more detailed information.

Let this brochure inspire you for a holiday trip!

Brochure Go Rural (PDF)

Media trip for Japanese tourism operators

Project CAITO in cooperation with national tourism boards are organizing the media for selected media representatives from Japan. The trip will be arranged 28.08.-03.09.2017 and will cover Latvia, Estonia and Finland.


The representatives from different media from Japan in Latvia will visit local carpenter’s workshop and open-air functional exhibition of medicinal plants, they will have a lunch in Ungurmuiža manor and participate at mushroom picking and cooking in Karlamuiza Country Hotel in Latvia.


In Estonia the group will have very intense program. They will go for a relaxed hike with the hostess of Nurka Farm along the boardwalks and foot paths of Tolkuse bog, learn about the plants and folktales and bog legends. Then – lunch in Golf restaurant Eagle and Cider tour in Tori Jõesuu Cider and Wine Farm at the edge of Soomaa. The guests from Japan will also have chance to enjoy Sauna in Klaara-Manni Countrywoman’s Spa. The next day will start with visiting Herb Garden on Tamme Farm and Santa Claus at Santa’s Chimney Farm.

The guest will have lunch at Maria Farm which is a great place to enjoy true country life in a beautiful natural setting boasting forests, bogs and the sea. After lunch program will includes visiting Alpaca farm – the largest in Estonia, Jaanihanso Cider House and Luhtre Farm.


In Finland the guests from Japan will visit the Siuntio river, Sundby castle and the beautiful countryside scenery of Siuntio as well as different venues at the Fiskars Village.  Fiskars Village, the birthplace of the world known design company, has become an internationally renowned center of Finnish design and art, attracting close to 200,000 visitors a year. Events and service of Fiskars Village have their focus mainly on four themes – design handicraft and art, local food and drinks, performing arts and outdoor and nature.

In the next day guests will visit The Tammisaari Old town and Raasepori Castle Ruins. They will have a chance to see the Svartå Manor – one of the most precious manor houses in Finland with a history of more than two hundred years. The tour will end with the Tyryi mine museum and lunch in the underground.

Rural tourism product guide “Go Rural”

We proudly present rural tourism product guide “Go Rural” – Latvia/Estonia/South coast Finland”.

This manual is aimed to help you discover rural destinations in South of Finland, Estonia and Latvia beyond traditional touristic routes. The tours and sites in this manual are based around small-scale accommodation, open farms, local producers, living traditions and sincere people. The people here have a close relationship with its nature and annual cycle. Each season has its own specific activities like mushrooming, berry picking, collecting herbs, ice-fishing and different agricultural jobs as well as traditional and seasonal celebrations. The countries are a haven for the tourist who loves nature, respects traditions and would like to experience the countries and their cultures more deeply.

Behind this manual there is a team of professional countryside tourism organisations and tour operators. For many years we have carried regular inspections of our accommodations and sites, have closely cooperated with national parks and nature experts, researched and developed new routes.

In this manual we present examples of group and individual touring routes, full day packages based on accommodations in the countryside, nature experiences in national parks, visits to farms and craftsmen. All of these can be linked with the traditional touristic routes and city experiences to bring more variety and attraction.

Travelling options between the countries are shown by air, ferries and bus. The list of tour operators that can help to arrange tours and services group and individual customers is provided in this manual. Some of the tour examples include optional extensions to Lithuania and Sweden.

Available in languages: English ( GoRural_2017_en)  and Japanese (GoRural_2017_ja)