Ambassadors from Latvia, Estonia and Finland in Japan opens the seminar in Tokyo for Japanese TO´s and media

Project CAITo welcomes the ambassadors from Latvia, Estonia and Finland in Japan in the seminar dedicated to the rural tourism on 22th of November at Latvian Embassy in Tokyo.

Project CAITO team prepared two excellent materials – Products manual 2020 and Sauna brochure. New Products Manual 2020 introducing the experiences in Rural area such as farm or manor house stay, Sauna/Spa, and Organic gastronomy was presented. Sauna brochure is newly published, which includes Sauna culture and products in each country

There are many products already introduced in the Japanese market and rural products are recognized as an important category in the European market where rural tourism is seen as a tool for overcoming excessive tourism and to ensure the sustainability of tourism. The representatives from each country visited Japan for this seminar and made presentations on the charm of rural area and the products.

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